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My Nile Journey Seven Temples Meditation Workshop

Posted by Aten Ra Bodyworks ( Mark Love MD) on June 3, 2009 at 12:27 PM Comments comments (6)

Welcome to my Nile Journey Seven Temples Meditation Workshop!

Egypt, with her original mind and ways have always held strong connections for me. Holism, beauty, joyously vibrant and rich life expression - all these influences have resulted in being drawn to aligning with these timeless ways.

As the speed of life increases - and believe me - it will not be slowing down, we need to find ways to remain in our centre in a 'safe zone' regardless of external circumstance and changes.

We are a planet in rapid transition and growth.

My background in both physical and metaphysical study has been a life journey that continues daily, and has lead me to wonderful tools to assist us on our way.

Teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Traci de Regula, Shri Mataji and Murray Hope continue to regularly inspire me with their wisdom and grounded approach to life.

Too often our nurturing, creative and intuitive feminine side is pushed back with an over active male side of survival action mode, dry intellect and material pressures.

The key is to balance our male and female components gently in the NOW to create a better today and tomorrow. Rejuvenation and positive resultant action!

Wonderful, 'feel - good' tools to assist this I make available to you in my workshop.

Nurturing natural therapy tools such as aromatherapy, massage, yoga, natural animal and bird totems, subtle energy work, music and especially effective meditation to clear our 'seals' ( ie chakras or energy centres ) are powerful healing tools.

Clearing our seals regularly generates uplifting vibrations and are the ancient origins of good health in body, mind and spirit.

Did you know our current medical symbol represents the Egyptian chakra system?

Early therapies, and indeed the original therapists, of this exciting great land of Isis have news for us!

The result is a sense of mental, physical and subtle system energetic rejuvenation.

Join me on an enjoyable and healing journey down the Egypt's Nile and experience an uplifting, clearing taste of original Egyptian - yet timelessly modern - LIFE in my Nile Journey Seven Temples Meditation!

Em hotep ( 'in peace' in original Egyptian ),

Mark Love

Dip AT, RM, Isian Energetics, Cartouche readings, Reflex, Shiatsu, Sports Inj.,ATMS

© Aten Ra Bodyworks, Mark Love 2006


Evening One:

* choose and understand your personal Egyptian totem for right now

* learn your body?s seal system and auric protection technique

* use the techniques to clear vibrations

Evening Two:

* learn the seven temples and their location that represent each seal

* link to the oils and gemstones and suggested therapies for each seal

* learn how ancient Egyptian fashion promotes energy flow and energy grids

* clear the seal system and raise your vibrations

Evening Three:

* learn the links of our body, our earth geography and our star systems

* understand the representations and sound advice of central deities

* discover Egyptian Pyramid anatomy and predictions for our time -

   especially 2012 AD

* take the journey down the nile with a beautiful guided meditation


Ta em hotep, Pet em hotep!

( "earth is in peace, heaven is in peace" )

© Aten Ra Bodyworks, Mark Love 2006


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